Our Mission and Vision


MIC commits to the following core values:

  • To provide Inventory Control and Warehousing solutions for retailers.
  • To provide integrated, critical, but non-core, services to our clients by means of using our own tools.


  • To have our products and services used across the African continent, as well as globally.
  • To cultivate self-worth and net-worth (empowerment) for our employees with the use of our vigor and charisma.
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Our Core Values

MIC commits to the following core values:

  • Innovation and excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Providing services of lasting value to our clients
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Selflessness
  • Patience and positive attitudes
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Our Success Keys

MIC strives to adhere to following success keys:

  • Have an innovative approach to marketing and growing our brand.
  • Maintain a professional corporate image.
  • Add value by being actively involved in the business – MIC’s directors and shareholders are all full-time members of staff and involve themselves in daily operations.
  • Abide by fiscal legislation.
  • Be financially disciplined.
  • Proactively train staff members.
  • Ensure competence by recruiting the right people for the job.
  • Strive for client satisfaction by following standard operating procedures and upholding service level agreements.
  • Focus on offering the best value added services to our clients.
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